The House That Built Me

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By Tena Bastian

I heard a song by Miranda Lambert a few weeks back that really hit home for me then but yesterday, as we drove through our neighborhood and saw firsthand, the damage caused by the tornadoes that went through, I felt  a stronger connection to that song. One of these tornadoes hit a mile or so from my own house. Not only was our State Forest damaged with hundreds of trees snapped off as though they were toothpicks but folks were standing near leveled houses looking toward the sky with fear of another storm. NW Ohio was hit hard and what was left behind was worst than anything I had ever experienced. I was sad for the loss of all their hard work but also I felt blessed that our own home went completely undamaged. Phone calls and emails started pouring in from all over the country who had seen the devastation and wanted to know if we were all right. Three of the calls came from friends in tornado alley who know how damaging these storms can be. A house, our home tells the story of who we are and what we have worked for and when it is destroyed, it takes a piece of us with it. (more…)


I am a Couture Cowgirl for a Couple of Reasons

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I am a Couture Cowgirl for a couple of reasons.

First, I always want to look GOOD when riding my horse. From my Troxel Helmet, with black leather and pink accents to my black boots, I will never be caught riding without makeup or my hair done.



Why I’m a Couture Cowgirl

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Rebecca L. Castaneda

Owner, Cowgirl Oasis

In the 1920’s my grandparents bought our family land and built a small house.  They lived a rural life raising cattle and growing their fresh food in several large garden areas. Here they raised their three daughters. Luckily for me, my Mom is one of these girls. When the girls got ready to marry, they each picked their favorite spots and built their homes and began their families. Our land is now included in the National Registrar Binghampton Rural Historic Land   [2]. (more…)