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Couture Cowgirl and the ladies behind it are very supportive of rodeo queen contestants and the pageants they compete in.   Meredith has been involved with rodeo queens with her company Merezia, since about 1993.   Missy of Silver Steer Boutique  recently became a sponsor of rodeo queen pageants.  We appreciate the hard work that goes into being a rodeo queen and the opportunities it presents for these young ladies.

Couture Cowgirl will have guest writers from the world of rodeo queens, bringing you stories about their lives. Recently Couture Cowgirl became a sponsor of the Miss NFPB Pageant and the 2010 contestants were asked to write their Couture Cowgirl Story. You are sure to enjoy their entertaining stories. Visit www.nfpbullriders.com/MissNFPBPageant.htm to match up the stories to the 2010 contestants.

Whether you are competing for or have won a local or national pageant, it takes nerve to compete. We want to hear from more of you in the future. So begin writing  your Couture Cowgirl stories, and we will let you know submission information soon.

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU!  Proclaim it Proudly and with Style, of course…

Meredith and Missy

Miss NFPB Contestant Micki Musick

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A couture cowgirl to me is the perfect mixture of grit & grace. She is someone who always likes to look good, but isn’t afraid to work hard and get dirty. I myself am very proud to consider myself in this category. I would like to share with you one of my favorite Couture Cowgirl moments.

As a rodeo queen I have represented many rodeos, many associations, and in many places across our country. This particular weekend I found myself at a small town rodeo in Arkansas. From the minute I arrived in this city, the sky had been pouring down buckets of rain. Water filled the streets and flooded the arena! The only dry place I could find was in the stall with my horse. I didn’t mind one bit. “Always make the best out of what you have,” is my motto.

After the rodeo as I sat there in the pouring rain and covered head to toe in mud signing autographs, I couldn’t help but smile to myself and think about how very lucky I am to consider myself among a special breed of women known as………. Couture Cowgirls!

Micki Musick
Miss NFPB 2010 Contestant

Miss NFPB Contestant Rachel Kelderman

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“It was another long day working as a wedding photographer, it was 101 degrees and my feet hurt, but they say it is a dry heat, so no need to complain. This was already my fourth wedding of the day and I had reached that point of concentrating more on what I would have for dinner rather then connecting with my next bride.

As I stood there gazing down the isle capturing every moment, I was smiling ear to ear like I do at every wedding. Something about the raw romance of being thrown into a couples most intimate moment and they know nothing about me and I know nothing about them. This couple was so cute in love and crying tears of happiness. These are the moments in my life that touch me. The moments I will remember. After the hugs from their moms and dads my couple and I headed off for some more pictures.

I was posing my bride on a bench and as I went to fluff out her dress, that is when I saw them, shiny bright red cowboy boots hidden under her long dress. It seemed as if right then a huge gust of wind swept thru my hair and I had flash backs to all the times I had slipped on my red cowboys boots. I remember when I got them, I was going to church camp where they had horses and mom knew how important it was for me to have proper boots even though I was only 6 years old. Back then I was so allergic to horses then just touching them made my hands swell up in a rash. I was equipped with my boots and thick winter gloves so I could touch the horses. Despite being so allergic I loved them so much and as my family says I was bit with the horse bug and then there was no turning back.

My bride and groom did not seem to notice I was daydreaming, they where to busy looking at each other. I smiled as I remembered the first time I rode a horse and then the first time I fell off a horse. The first time I bought my own saddle with all the money I saved up pulling weeds and the first time I won a class at my local 4-H show.

My parents did not let me buy a horse just because I wanted one, they made me lease, borrow, and rent other people’s horses for a long time until I knew what I was doing. Later on in life I realized what a blessing this actually was because I could ride just about anything. I would dream about horses all night and then I would spend my days looking cute at school just to hurry to the barn and mess all that up. It was the life!

I eventually got to that point in my life where I didn’t care what people thought and I wore my cowboy hat and boots everywhere, to dinner, to church, to school. I knew I looked good and that was all that mattered!

As we continued to walk around the grounds of the casino I had this permanate smile on my face thinking about my cowgirl boots and my cowgirl roots. I felt pretty far from them those days. It’s pretty rare to see anyone in tight jeans and cowboy boots out there in Sin City, but as soon as I did I got a lil kick in my step because I know I had something in common with that person.

They say you don’t know where your going until you know where you came from. Well I come from an amazing place with rolling hills, lush green pastures and mountains that stretch as far as the eye can see. A place where your neighbors wave at you and the gas station clerk knows your name and asks you how your dog is doing. A place where being a cowgirl is normal and red boots are common. I grew up on the back of a horse, fell asleep to the sound of crickets chirping and coyotes howling.

I know where I come from, so now this leaves me to wonder where I am going. Yes I moved away from that place just for a little while, but I kept that cowgirl spirit alive in me everyday. I waved at people and most of they time they did not wave back, I always said hello to my neighbors and they would just nod at me and hurry off into their apartments.

I think cowgirl can describe a woman who grew up a certain way by working with cattle or riding horses, but I think it can also describe a feeling in your bones. Regardless of where you come from or how you grew up or what you do for a living.

As a little boy ran by screaming at his sister I was suddenly snapped out of my rambling thoughts. As we continued walking and talking, it turns out my bride was the daughter of a cattle rancher and grew up on a horse too. I instantly felt bonded with this stranger. I told her how much I loved her boots and got excited to go home and put mine on. My boots have made the journey of thousands of miles with me and they are just as excited for my future as I am.

So here is to the cowgirls who live the dream weather they be in a saddle or walking down the isle in cowboy boots.”

Rachel Kelderman
Miss NFPB 2010 Contestant

Miss NFPB Contestant Suzy Fife

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I am Couture Cowgirl because I love horses, mud, pink and bling. Between riding horses through mud filled trail rides, washing muck covered bovine, and tearing my 4-wheeler or truck through big sludgy mud puddles, it’s hard to keep my pink overalls clean.

When I wake up in the morning and take a deep fresh breath of southern Iowa air. I prepare myself with my daybreak coffee and by coating on the mascara and fluffing my hair. I slide in to my Cruel Girl jeans and rock a fun Cowgirl Up shirt paired with my sparkly muck boots and its out to door to tackle my world of equine, “moo-moo’s” and trucks. At my school, Southwestern Iowa Community College, we wash, wax and
buff out cattle. We have club calf sales and deal with all the ups and downs of calving season. I also take what I learn at school to the work place. I am a hired hand at a local cattle investor. There, I spend my time pressure washing golf ball size winterized clumps of mud off the underbellies of cattle. This is a back breaking task but the pain is eased by a country radio station and me serenading the cattle. I believe they enjoy their time with me (at the cattle version of a beauty parlor).But my day doesn’t end there.

When I return to my humble abode, I am greeted by my ecstatic dogs and my content horses, grazing in a bountiful field. After a good wrestle with my black lab, I head in side to greet my Pomeranian puppy, who loves to shower me with her puppy kisses. I slip in to my boots and spurs and head out for a nice, soothing ride, by my self or with some good ol’ friends for a good trail ride and to catch up on the latest horse and human gossip. Come night fall or exhaustion, and all the chores are done, I get to step out of my cowgirl boots and in to my cowgirl boot slippers, eat a hardy meal, catch up on homework (or rodeo queen homework) and snuggle up with my dogs for a pleasant night of blissful slumber.

Suzy Fife
Miss NFPB Contestant

Miss NFPB 2010 Contestant Sunnie Paintin

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A Cowgirl of a Different Bred!!!

Not every cowgirl comes from the same kind of background. We don’t all live in the country, not all our families own a ranch or farm. A cowgirl to me is a way of life, loving the land and the animals that live on it. My family comes from farming and ranching so I have been raised with a western attitude, even though I grew up in the city known as the Queen City of the Plains, Denver, CO.  A cowgirl always treats everyone with respect; I try to use ma’am and sir as a matter of respect. I may have grown up in the “city” but having 4 acres to play in for hours past the sun going down, not enough to have livestock, but enough to be called a cowgirl by folks from the city. I have been blessed to have so many great family members and friends that have the ranches and farms that I am allowed to visit, hop on a horse and do every day cowboy work. As child I played in the irrigation ditches in the summer, and picked vegetables

A cowgirl of a different bred is sticking to your roots and not caring what others will think. I choose to wear my boots, jeans and t-shirt to class along with a rhinestone belt as an accessory. Bling is a cowgirl’s best friend! I chose to play volleyball instead of rodeo growing up and I have been very successful at it, I have been the one in the gym wearing my lime green boots with my shorts. I have been able to compete against the best teams in the nation and now competing at the college level. Just like being on a rodeo circuit, I as well have been blessed to travel across the USA, always keeping my western values on the court and off.  Like I said before being a cowgirl is a way of life, it is part of your core values, respecting the people, land and animals.  I am pleased when I am on the road with my team and I run across a fellow cowboy, it is like running into a friend you haven’t seen in awhile, there is always something we have in common, and a lot of times we know the same people.

Living in Denver has giving me the opportunity to work at the National Western Stock show since I was in high school.  I have seen what tight knit world farming and ranching is, and enjoys getting to see all of my friends from around the country.  I think it is a great compliment to our culture when you see all the people from the city rocking their western wear.  In our hearts we all have a little bit of cowboy.  One thing I do know is that a true cowgirl can’t have enough boots, belts, hats and horses!

I hope to see you in my travels, you will know me by my cowgirl attitude and of course you can find me at Couture Cowgirl!

Sunnie Paintin
Miss NFPB 2010 Contestant