Mask Making 101

Mask making started in the 13th Century in Venice.  Along the way, these highly decorative mask were made out of leather, some say in the 1600s.  I have been fascinated with them since researching mask for a project I was doing with a youth arts organization in Kansas City that worked with adjudicated and inner city youth.  I find mask making such a satisfying form of art, as there are no rules and i can just let my imagination run wild.  The mask I make are purely another form of wearable art.   I love to make things that people can wear, have fun with, and feel wonderful wearing them. 

My masks are made of leather but sometimes I use paper mache to give added texture to them. All are hand painted and some are embellished with Swarovski crystals. They can be worn for Halloween parties or to a masquerade ball. Many people purchase these masks and hang them on their walls for decoration too.

The photos depict the basic stages of making this mask.
Step 1. Cut out a paper pattern

        2. Trace around and cut out of veg tanned light weight leather


3. Wet and form


4. Paint on stiffener and undercoat


 5. Pant all parts


  6. Glue all parts on, embellish and add ties

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…


If you are interested in ordering a mask, contact Meredith  Lockart at http://www.thistleswest.com or email inquirys to meredith@merezia.com