Rose Tattoo Raglan Burnout

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XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL

One of the softest shirts you will ever wear! It is a tri-blend burnout made with 50% polyester, 32% cotton, and 18% rayon. Features original Rose Tattoo artwork by our very own, Meredith Lockhart! Accented with Vintage Red raglan sleeves and AB Swarovski Crystals!



Twitter Contest

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We had a blast reading your entries in our most recent contest on facebook!  But… we can’t let our facebook friends have all the fun.  So here it is a contest for our Twitter friends!



  • Post on Twitter what makes you a Couture Cowgirl with the hashtag #CoutureCowgirl

  • Follow @CoutureCowgirls if you haven’t already!

  • We will randomly draw winners on Friday July 15, 2010

  • For every 10 entries we will give away one prize! 

So, bet you are wondering what you are entering to win!  We are giving away CC logo keychains!  So lets here it ladies, ~WHAT MAKES YOU A COUTURE COWGIRL?~

Find us on Twitter @CoutureCowgirls (Don’t forget the S at the end of Cowgirls!) 

Your a Couture Cowgirl, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…



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Life as we remember it is beginning to return to normal (well….that’s what we call it)  for Meredith, Missy and Sarah! Meredith spent months preparing for Design America and her days were spent piecing together her beautiful Couture pieces such as this Gaucho piece!

Then there is the breathtaking wedding dress.  Hand-dyed silk, deerskin, embroidery, and each Swarovski crystal placed to perfection. 

Missy was sure to take advantage of the opportunity to wear one of Meredith’s Couture Creations.  The dearskin jacket has been embroideried with original artwork by Meredith.  Missy wore it paired with our very own COUTURE COWGIRL handkerchief hem skirt!

You will continue to see new photos for months as we sort through them and share our experience with you.  Hope you enjoyed this taste of COUTURE!

A Couture Cowgirl it YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…


Design America-TEXAS

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Are you ready for a Premier Western Designer event?

Clear your calenders May 6-8 and head to Dallas, TX for Design America! 

The “Texas Teaser” to the left is just a glimpse of one of the many pieces that will be showcased by our very own founder, Meredith Lockhart!  Missy and Sarah will also be there modeling and helping out in her booth. Come and meet us!!

Meredith Lockhart has been a designer for many years creating one of a kind pieces for Country Music stars, Miss Rodeo America Contestants, and many individuals that have a desire for impeccable quality.  Be sure to check out her Design America Video HERE!

Friday Evening, May 6, is the ASTONISHMENT, Preview Gala.  If you are looking for an exclusive experience with a Premier Fashion show and time to meet the artist and shop before the show is opened to the public, this is the night for you!  Tickets for the Preview Gala are $100.

Saturday and Sunday the show opens to the public and you can get into the doors for $20.  Artist will be showcasing items that are museum quality!  The event will be held at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, Longhorn Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E .

Get all the information for the event, purchase tickets, and preview all the artist at http://www.designamerica-tx.com/



Rodeo Queens: Master Strategists and Tacticians

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Every day, we get up, get dressed and go about our day. What does how you dress say about you? Your personal sense of style tells a story. It can tell people you are trendy, classic, subdued, flamboyant, bold or timid. This is what is conveyed before you even meet someone, before you can show your personality with your actions and words. Understanding this and using it to convey what you want about your self is a large part of competing for rodeo queen titles. As a queen, you are always “on” and judges and spectators are looking at what you wear and making assessments. What kind of story do you want your queen wardrobe to tell?

To illustrate this, I would like to share my experience in 2008 at the National High School Rodeo Queen Competition. It was my second year reigning as the Minnesota High School Rodeo Queen, and after my first year at Nationals, I understood the importance of telling a story with my wardrobe. My first year I had no rhyme or reason to what I wore: royal blue, buttercream, black (a big no-no at the high school level!), sky blue and violet just to name a few of my outfit colors. I placed 16th and was passionate about doing better so I talked with past judges, past national queens, and Meredith Lockhart of Merezia to ensure I would be prepared for “Round 2” in 2008. From all of the knowledge ladies I talked to, I learned the importance of telling a story with your outfits. 

Judges use what you wear to remember who you are. Think back to the first time you met someone: they wore glasses, had long curly hair, and were dressed for chores. The next time you see them, you don’t recognize them: they have no glasses, have shorter straight hair and are dressed to impress. They changed every aspect you used to store them away in your memory. Changing your look drastically is the worst thing you can do when you want to stand out and have judges remember you. Keeping your hair, make-up, and wardrobe congruent throughout a contest is vital to being remembered. Don’t make the judges work to remember you, make it easy for them to identify you and understand who you are and what you want to represent.

 I wanted to convey that I was bold, elegant and mature with my wardrobe at the National High School Rodeo Queen Contest. I wanted the judges to see my personality and convey that I would be a capable queen. I told this story with three leather outfits, presented in a very strategic order with cotton blouse outfits interspersed.

The first time the judges would see me was during the Introductions and Impromptu speech. I wanted to catch their eye and set the stage for the rest of my story. I wore a Magenta lambskin top with dyed-to-match jeans and boots. The top’s detailing covered the front and back so when walking to and from the microphone I would be flashy. This outfit was designed to look bold, sophisticated and to get the judges to look at the queen from a state that was under their radar. It worked.

The next events with the judges were the Personal Interview, and the Judges’ Social followed by the Speeches and Modeling that evening.  For the Personal Interview, I wore an Icy Turquoise leather top with matching jeans and boots. As I was within 10 feet of the judges, this outfit was less flashy than the Magenta outfit, but had similar swirling designs in the Swarovski crystals and hand painting.  This outfit was designed to convey elegance, quiet confidence and maturity to show another side of me now that the Magenta outfit caught the judges’ attention. Though the colors of the outfits are vastly different, the necklines were similar and the detailing was very similar which allowed it to follow the story I was laying out for the judges.

 After my interview, I prepared for the judges’ social, introducing the next piece in my “fashion line-up”. I wore a vintage Roper button down cotton blouse with periwinkle embroidery and a few strategically placed Swarovski Crystals. This shirt continued the theme of elegance with gently swirling embroidery and soft colors and showed my more casual, traditional western side.

That night, for the Speeches and Modeling, I again broke out a bold, eye-catching outfit. A deep teal skirt and top, with silver, swirling hand painting and Swarovski Crystals carried on the story: swirling patterns, elegance, and bold maturity. The bold color and designs related this outfit back to my impromptu outfit and the color stayed with the blues I had been wearing all day. I was presenting a well-planned story to the judges much like a fashion designer does with a collection to show cohesion. 

That year, I placed 2nd in the National high School Rodeo Queen contest. I believe much of my success was because of telling a story with my wardrobe. Of course, a wardrobe will not win you a contest, but by telling a story with your outfits, you make people sit up and pay attention to what you are saying, which can win you the contest.  Best of luck sharing your story, in queen contests and in life!


-Kya Laulainen


Boho Meets Cowgirl

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Last fall in September, at the Cody High Style Fashion Show, we introduced our new hand dyed skirts,  handkerchief hem skirts and dress.

For spring, it seems that the Boho or Bohemian Look is quite popular in mainstream fashion and was on the runways last fall for Spring 2011. You see skirts and dresses with all sorts of ragged edges, zigzag hems and strong colors. This VOGUE video ~The New Bohemians~  gives you a great sense of the look!

Boho originated from the Gypsy style that was best known for it’s mixture of prints and bright colors. The style is described as flowy, flirty, romantic, free-spirited, rocker chic, theatrical, artsy and just fun to wear! The skirts can be paired up with your favorite t-shirt, vest, wild belt and jewelry. Lets not forget a favorite pair of cowboy boots or western flip-flops to add a western touch to the look! This look is a personal favorite of ours!

Our tattoo style butterfly tee fits right into the Boho look with our Capri Blue Handkerchief Hem skirt…check out this look and our other Spring/Summer items that possess the fun, flirty, flowy Bohemian feel that we are all falling in love with!

CC Bohemian Style

CC Bohemian Style by Couture Cowgirl featuring couture skirts

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly! And with Style, of course….



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Dusty by Couture Cowgirl featuring belts

This con-GLAM-oration may be our FAVORITE ensemble that walked the CHS 2010 runway! The dusty eggplant, hand-dyed flowing dress set the stage. A fun focal point was the hand embellished CC logo buckle paired with a black belt by Thistles West. The details in the handpainted butterflies on the jacket by Thistles West is breathtaking! We added glitz with the layers of peacock pearls in the necklace’s and earrings by Silver Steer Design. A touch of funky with the large purple turquoise slab ring.

The top and bottom add a touch of class with the impeccable craftsmanship of the hat by Trent of Greeley Hat Works and the boots by STETSON.

Click on the pics for links to purchase or email us at info@couturecowgirl.com for additional information.

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…

Meredith & Missy


Couture Cowgirl on the CHS 2010 Runway

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Couture Cowgirl hit the runway at Cody High Style September 23, 2010. We wanted to share a small clip with you. The show was so full we had to find a spot upstairs and miss the end of the runway, but ladies that is a great problem to have! Listen to the audience reaction to the line, we are so excited to see what the future has in store for Couture Cowgirl!  Once again, we are beyond grateful to STETSON for providing the boots that these ladies danced down the runway in!

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly! And with Style, of course…
Missy & Meredith



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When Couture Cowgirl launched, we knew that it was more than a brand!  It was a STATE OF MIND…You have all defined that state of mind in your weekly submissions of your ~COUTURE COWGIRLISMS~ on facebook each Friday!   By the way, this is our favorite day of the week at CC, we love connecting with all of you and hearing what defines the CC STATE OF MIND for you!

There is something else that we have noticed, it is an unexplainable connection of cowgirls.  We will call it a “SISTERHOOD”  At the Cody High Style Show CC will debut the first in our new SISTERHOOD collection.  As Sisters, lets help all our fellow cowgirls celebrate their joys,  support them when the trail gets rough, and be a a trustworthy friend! 

The sneak peek of our first tee in this collection is based around a celtic sisterhood design representing an unending knot that keeps us all tied together.  We hope that you all love our new collection and join the SISTERHOOD of the Couture Cowgirl.

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…

Meredith and Missy


Women Who Design the West


We are so proud of  our very own Meredith Lockhart as she is honored by being inducted into the STETSON Craftsman Alliance!  Visit her booth at the Women Who Design The West show in Cody September 23-25th.  Get details about Women Who Design the West HERE

Join STETSON on facebook as they countdown to Women Who Design the West! 

STETSON’s Countdown to the Women Who Design the West

“Stetson believes in making things right and the best they can be. In a time when fast and sloppy too often defines the ‘quality ‘of some of the products we buy, it is our privilege to recognize those people, women specifically in this case, who devote themselves to craft and artistry at the highest level and induct them into the Stetson Craftsman’s Alliance. Dedicated to the recognition of craftsmanship across generations, the Craftsman’s Alliance honors the best of the best across multiple disciplines: fashion, jewelry design, leather, furniture, beading, painting and sculpture to name but a few. We are particularly excited to induct these 10 talented women into the Alliance at a ceremony during the prestigious Women Who Design the West event in Cody, Wyoming which will take place from September 23 -25th. Visit www.contemporarywesterndesign.com for more information about this fabulous event and check out the artists’ work.

Diane Ross: Furniture maker
Meredith Lockhart: Fashion designer
Shoni Maulding: Horsehair Hitcher
Suzanne MM Warner: Beader
Candace Roanhorse: Jewelry maker
Audra Draper: Knife Maker
Maegan Crowley: Blacksmith
Jessica Camilla O’Neal: Fashion designer
Amber Jean: Wood Carver
Clair Kehrberg: Saddlemaker and handbag designer

Meredith Lockhart, a Stetson Craftsman’s Alliance honoree is featuring Stetson boots on the runway at her fashion show during the Women Who Design the West event in Cody, Wyoming. She selected 11 styles to complement her designs. We thought you’d enjoy counting down to the big event, well….step by step!”

Make sure to tell Meredith Congratulations on this honor and follow her Couture lines on facebook.  Thistles West, Merezia, and of course Couture Cowgirl!

We would again like to thank STETSON for providing the boots for  Couture Cowgirl and Thistles West during the 2010 Cody High Style and Boot Scootin’ Boogie Runway Shows! 

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with style of course…




Feeling Rosey

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We have been giving you sneak peeks of what will be gracing the Cody High Style Runway this September in the Couture Cowgirl line, so today we wanted to share a piece that we are both very excited about!

This design is original artwork by the talented Meredith Lockhart, screen printed and hand shaded by Missy Unruh. The girls have combined their talents for a  unique stunning piece.

Roses are making an appearence everywhere you look in the upcoming seasons fashion and this is how we Couture Cowgirlized the elegant rose!  Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek and we can’t wait to share the design in its entirety this month!

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly! And with Style, of course…
Meredith and Missy


Your Next Vacation Destination

Last week we told you that Couture Cowgirl has been invited to the prestigious, Cody High Style Runway show!  We would love to see all you there and meet you face to face.  So many events are going on this week so we wanted to give you a little peek into what Cody, WY has to offer! 

  • Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale, September 24 & 25th

This is a fine art sale and show with a western theme!  The art exhibition is housed in the Buffalo Bill Historical Center!  Meredith and Missy are very excited to check out Donna Howell-Sickles art exhibit this year and the mere thought of taking one of these pieces home is exhilarating!


Check out all the details http://www.buffalobillartshow.com/

  • Cody High Style, September 22-25th

Cody High Style is a celebration of western decorative arts including, exhibition from today’s best contemporary artist, workshops, seminars, tours, and of course the high energy runway show!  Yes, this is the runway show where you will find the new fall fashions for Couture Cowgirl!

Meredith Lockhart hit the 2009 CHS runway with her Couture line Thistles West

Get all the Cody High Style details http://www.bbhc.org/events/codyhighstyle/

  • Boot Scootin Boogie, September 23rd

Downtown Cody becomes center stage for a rockin runway show highlighting styles of the west!  All the stores are open late while you enjoy this unique street festival!

Get all the info about Boot Scootin Boogie http://www.rendezvousroyale.org/boot_scootin.htm

  • Style West, September 23-25th

Style West, established by the fabulous Thea Marx, is the next generation show for emerging artist!  It includes booths by artist as well as two interlude fashion shows daily!

Thistles West, by our own Meredith Lockhart,  piece in the 2009 interlude show

Couture Cowgirl Missy visiting exhibits in the 2009 Style West show.

Get all the details about Style West http://stylewest.wordpress.com/

  • Visit historic Old Trail Town

On this site in 1895, William F. (“Buffalo Bill”) Cody laid out the original town-site of Cody, WY, which was named in his honor.  Old Trail town preserves the lifestyle and history of the frontier west through a rare collection of authentic structures and furnishings.


Missy and Sarah found the Saloon in Old Trail Town. 2009

  • Just South of Cody, WY is the beautiful Shoshone National Forest

  • Yellowstone National Park

Whether you are looking to see beautiful country filled with history or to shop a fantastic collection of unique western apparel, furnishings, and art Cody, WY has something to offer!  We look forward to seeing you this September in Cody!

A Couture Cowgirl is You, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…

Missy & Meredith


Couture Cowgirl Hits the Runway

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One year ago in September, Meredith Lockhart and Missy Unruh met face to face in Cody WY.  Meredith was attending Cody High Style and Style West with her well known line Thistles West.  Missy was on her first road trip with Silver Steer Boutique.  The ladies enjoyed dinners and conversations about fashion.  This lead to months of phone calls, an unbelievable friendship and soon a partnership that you all know as Couture Cowgirl.

Guess what, it is almost September and Couture Cowgirl has been invited to walk the runway in the prestigious Cody High Style fashion show!  Our fall designs are coming together in jewel tones with a little added splash of  color that will keep summer close all year around.   You will also be able to purchase Couture Cowgirl fashions in downtown Cody, WY in a storefront next door to the famous Irma Hotel.  (Meredith and Missy enjoyed an unbelievable prime rib dinner at the Irma last year!)

We hope that you all will purchase your plane tickets or jump in the truck for a road trip to see an amazing collection of western fashions, jewelry and home furnishings all in one place! The Cody High Style Fashion show will take place September 22 at the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum.  Style West begins September 23 and goes through the 25th!

We love this Couture Cowgirl ensemble and you will see it on the runway in September!  Everything else is a surprise and you will have to visit us in Cody to see the new designs unveiled!  (Or patiently wait for us to post pictures here on CC)

Check out all the exhibitors, including Couture Cowgirl,  in the Cody High Style Runway Show at http://www.bbhc.org/events/codyhighstyle/fasion/

Also make sure to visit Style West coordinated by Thea Marx!  Meredith will be there with her couture apparel line, Thistles West! http://stylewest.wordpress.com/

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…


As a Butterfly Flutters By…

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We are ecstatic to share the newest piece in the Couture Cowgirl line!  Do you remember when we asked you to vote for the color that you would like to see on a Couture Cowgirl piece?  You voted for Indigo, and it was a fabulous choice!  This figure flattering twisted front tee is hand dyed indigo, that was the easy part because you took care of that for us!  Now the decision of what to put on this piece…  Meredith and Missy spent a long time trying to decide on the perfect design and their love of butterflies solved the next piece in the puzzle!  The butterfly represents a peaceful side of the cowgirl.  How many of you enjoy a second to watch as a butterfly flutters by in the hay meadow or graces the heads of wheat?  The ladies behind CC find joy in these beautiful creatures and wanted to include them in the design!  Now for the last part…how to make it COUTURE COWGIRL?  Look closely at the detail in the butterfly wings and you will find hidden Couture Cowgirl C’s!  The embroidery detail is in ice violet and jade lime.

Love the look of the faded indigo and jade lime skirt, this hand dyed beauty is also going to be a new addition to the CC line!  It is graced with crystal accents for a little extra sparkle!

This shirt looks equally beautiful with a pair of your favorite jeans to add a little class to the daily wardrobe!  This is a favorite of the gals behind CC and we are sure it will be a favorite of yours!



Above we told you about the hidden Couture Cowgirl C’s in the design of the butterflies, we added a close up of the hip design and the shoulder design, lets see if you can find them!

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly! And with Style, of course…


Dyeing to tell you about…

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Love It, Hate It…You told us if YOU would wear it!

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Fashion is All About Individuality!

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We asked, you voted, and the results are in!

Couture Cowgirl’s believe that fashion is all about individuality, and we couldn’t agree with you more! That being said, we have a fun survey coming this week to see what YOU would wear!  (more…)


Western Fashion, Breaking Boundaries

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Western Design has been sweeping mainstream fashion and gracing the runways this season.  As designers, the ladies behind Couture Cowgirl love watching companies like D&G, Ralph Lauren, Moschino, etc pull inspiration from our lifestyle into their designs.  (more…)


Future Couture Cowgirl

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Future Couture Cowgirl
By Missy Unruh




My daughter and I always have the BEST conversations while cuddling in her bed right before lights out!  The other night our chatting brought us to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Without a pause in thought, she responded “A Fashion Designer AND a Vet!”  Can you only imagine the possibilities of these occupations combined!





Couture Cowgirl Color Poll

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Pantone announced Turquoise as the 2010 Color of the year, now it is YOUR turn to try your hand at the color wheel.  Who knows, you may even see it as the Color of the next Couture Cowgirl T!  We can’t wait to see the choice of our fellow Couture Cowgirls! (more…)


Funky Chunky Spring Layers

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Fun Chunky Jewelry and lots of layers are a MUST have for Spring and Summer fashion! We have created a really fun Couture Cowgirl Charm Necklace that will bring out your inner Diva. Wear it alone or pair it with lots of layers and colors for an OH SO HOT look! Dying to know what is engraved on each of these charms? Starting at the left…
1 – Cowgirl: She would rather be on a horse than the freeway! (Cowgirl Silhouette)

3 – Double CC Rowel Logo
4 – Fleur De Lis
5 – Grunge Couture Cowgirl Design
6 – Rowel
7 – Double Horseshoe
8 – Double CC Logo
9 – Running Horse (more…)


Pantone Color of the Year

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Western Events

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Please send us your western events.

Palm Springs Western Design Exp0 Palm Springs, CA March 24-27, 2011

Cowgirl Up Invitational Exhibition & Sale March 25 – May 8, 2011  http://www.cowgirlupart.com/index.htm

Design America *TEXAS May 6-8, 2011
(Founder of Couture Cowgirl, Meredith Lockhart will be exhibiting

 at this show with her Couture Fashions! Check out her bio here
 http://www.designamerica-tx.com/bios/mlockhartbio.html )

QuarterFest, Visit below site for more information, 2011

Kentucky Derby, Louisville, KY May 6&7, 2011

Western Design Conference, Jackson Hole, WY, September 8-11, 2011

Cody High Style, Cody, WY September 2011

Miss Rodeo America Pageant, Las Vegas, NV November-December, 2011

Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, Las Vegas, NV  December 1-10, 2011