I’m a Couture Cowgirl…

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We had a great time reading the post from our most recent contest about what makes you a ~COUTURE COWGIRL~ on facebook!  Just in case any of you are not on facebook we would love to share our winning entries with you!


Photo from Ms-Jenn Parrella with her cat Moonshine and her CC logo Top!

First Place-

Jeannie Kiehn

My daughter is a couture cowgirl! She just went on her senior trip and through her graduation ceremony with her cowboy boots on!!! The only one of 120 seniors to proudly wear cowboy boots under that graduation robe! And it was because her fellow school mates love her independence to be a “couture cowgirl”!!!

Second Place-

Ms-Jenn Parrella

I am couture cowgirl because i always ready to get down a dirty, I dont mind dressing up one day then jumping in the mud the next. I am happy girl who knows when you got your boots on no one thinks twice of crossing you. :)

Third Place

Whitney Johnson Jordan Zoeller

Hi Couture Cowgirl~
I’m a Couture Cowgirl because even though I can out-ride, out-shoot, and out-work the men when working cattle I can still clean up and be all girl.
Not many girls can say this, but who else other than a Couture Cowgirl can sport alfalfa in their hair and get away with it? I was all ready for prom when an after hour…s customer showed up and needed a truck load of hay and of course I was the only one around to do it so I changed back into my working clothes loaded up the ton of hay he needed, sent him on his way,picked out as much alfalfa as I could, got back in my dress and headed off to prom !!! Yeah I’m a Couture Cowgirl !!!!

Fourth Place


I am a couture cowgirl at heart. I live in Florida – near the beach, nowhere near a farm – and yet I know that being a couture cowgirl is more about WHO you are, not where you are ♥

Fifth Place

Karen Johnson

I am a Couture Cowgirl because I design my own style! Whether modifying my thrift store finds, or pairing a rock and roll look with my cowgirl boots, I have my own style… just ask my friends who always want to raid my closet! :)


Thanks again to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!  We are getting ready to kick off another contest so be sure to check back often!

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style of course…





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We are getting ready to host a FIVE shirt giveaway here at Couture Cowgirl!  The contest will be hosted on our Couture Cowgirl Facebook page



~Write 2-5 sentences on our facebook wall about what makes YOU a Couture Cowgirl.

~Have your friends LIKE your post.

~ Voting will end June 7th at 10:00 central time.

~The top 5 Couture Cowgirl’s will receive our CC LOGO white top!

We can’t wait to read what makes you a Couture Cowgirl!  Remember ladies its a “STATE OF MIND”

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…



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Life as we remember it is beginning to return to normal (well….that’s what we call it)  for Meredith, Missy and Sarah! Meredith spent months preparing for Design America and her days were spent piecing together her beautiful Couture pieces such as this Gaucho piece!

Then there is the breathtaking wedding dress.  Hand-dyed silk, deerskin, embroidery, and each Swarovski crystal placed to perfection. 

Missy was sure to take advantage of the opportunity to wear one of Meredith’s Couture Creations.  The dearskin jacket has been embroideried with original artwork by Meredith.  Missy wore it paired with our very own COUTURE COWGIRL handkerchief hem skirt!

You will continue to see new photos for months as we sort through them and share our experience with you.  Hope you enjoyed this taste of COUTURE!

A Couture Cowgirl it YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…



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This is our first release for Spring and Summer here at Couture Cowgirl! The colors are bright and vibrant and just make you feel good. The artwork is nothing short of spectacular and is hand drawn by our very own Meredith Lockhart. The back tattoo image adds a fun twist. Pair it with our Orange handkerchief hem skirt for a fun night out with the girls.  Couture Cowgirl’s love to ride (four legged and iron)…pictured is Couture Cowgirl, Missy’s, Cobalt Blue Iron Horse and Pigwolf’s Pig. 

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Shop this new arrival and our entire Couture Cowgirl line HERE

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…


No way this is good for me… ~CONTEST~

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For many of us we have seen the signs of spring and even summer temperatures! This is a wake up call for everyone that intended to get that beach body before swim suit season but just hasn’t gotten around to it…We may be pointing a finger at ourselves right now if that makes you feel better!

So here it is, lets help everyone with a few recipes that taste way too good to be good for you!

Contest Rules

  • Email us your “No way this good for me…” recipe to info@couturecowgirl.com with Cooking Contest in the subject line or post your recipe on our facebook page.
  • Meredith and Missy will cook the top finalist recipes and pick a winner (Couture Cowgirl reserves the right to choose which and how many of the recipes we cook and enter into the top finalist round)
  • The winner will receive a CC logo apron!

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style of course…



Tena’s Take

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Today instead of a weekly post from the inspirational with a touch of humor, Tena, we are here to announce that 2011 has presented new ventures to this lovely Couture Cowgirl.  Tena Bastian will no longer be writing a weekly column here, but she just might stop around for an occasional guest post!

We wish Tena the best of luck in all her ventures!  Everyone take a minute to tell Tena Thank You for all times she has touched your heart in one of her weekly columns.  Take a few minutes to read through them if you were not blessed to this past year.  We would love for you all to share what your most beloved Tena’s Take post was.  Or Favorite will always be GREEN BOOTS , but THE HOUSE THAT BUILT ME was a one in a million too!

If you have enjoyed these weekly post as much as we have, be sure to visit Tena’s website at www.tenabastian.com and order one of her books!

Thanks again for dedicating your time and heart to this column this past year!  You will be missed!

Meredith & Missy



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When Couture Cowgirl launched, we knew that it was more than a brand!  It was a STATE OF MIND…You have all defined that state of mind in your weekly submissions of your ~COUTURE COWGIRLISMS~ on facebook each Friday!   By the way, this is our favorite day of the week at CC, we love connecting with all of you and hearing what defines the CC STATE OF MIND for you!

There is something else that we have noticed, it is an unexplainable connection of cowgirls.  We will call it a “SISTERHOOD”  At the Cody High Style Show CC will debut the first in our new SISTERHOOD collection.  As Sisters, lets help all our fellow cowgirls celebrate their joys,  support them when the trail gets rough, and be a a trustworthy friend! 

The sneak peek of our first tee in this collection is based around a celtic sisterhood design representing an unending knot that keeps us all tied together.  We hope that you all love our new collection and join the SISTERHOOD of the Couture Cowgirl.

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…

Meredith and Missy


Your Next Vacation Destination

Last week we told you that Couture Cowgirl has been invited to the prestigious, Cody High Style Runway show!  We would love to see all you there and meet you face to face.  So many events are going on this week so we wanted to give you a little peek into what Cody, WY has to offer! 

  • Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale, September 24 & 25th

This is a fine art sale and show with a western theme!  The art exhibition is housed in the Buffalo Bill Historical Center!  Meredith and Missy are very excited to check out Donna Howell-Sickles art exhibit this year and the mere thought of taking one of these pieces home is exhilarating!


Check out all the details http://www.buffalobillartshow.com/

  • Cody High Style, September 22-25th

Cody High Style is a celebration of western decorative arts including, exhibition from today’s best contemporary artist, workshops, seminars, tours, and of course the high energy runway show!  Yes, this is the runway show where you will find the new fall fashions for Couture Cowgirl!

Meredith Lockhart hit the 2009 CHS runway with her Couture line Thistles West

Get all the Cody High Style details http://www.bbhc.org/events/codyhighstyle/

  • Boot Scootin Boogie, September 23rd

Downtown Cody becomes center stage for a rockin runway show highlighting styles of the west!  All the stores are open late while you enjoy this unique street festival!

Get all the info about Boot Scootin Boogie http://www.rendezvousroyale.org/boot_scootin.htm

  • Style West, September 23-25th

Style West, established by the fabulous Thea Marx, is the next generation show for emerging artist!  It includes booths by artist as well as two interlude fashion shows daily!

Thistles West, by our own Meredith Lockhart,  piece in the 2009 interlude show

Couture Cowgirl Missy visiting exhibits in the 2009 Style West show.

Get all the details about Style West http://stylewest.wordpress.com/

  • Visit historic Old Trail Town

On this site in 1895, William F. (“Buffalo Bill”) Cody laid out the original town-site of Cody, WY, which was named in his honor.  Old Trail town preserves the lifestyle and history of the frontier west through a rare collection of authentic structures and furnishings.


Missy and Sarah found the Saloon in Old Trail Town. 2009

  • Just South of Cody, WY is the beautiful Shoshone National Forest

  • Yellowstone National Park

Whether you are looking to see beautiful country filled with history or to shop a fantastic collection of unique western apparel, furnishings, and art Cody, WY has something to offer!  We look forward to seeing you this September in Cody!

A Couture Cowgirl is You, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…

Missy & Meredith


Couture Cowgirl Hits the Runway

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One year ago in September, Meredith Lockhart and Missy Unruh met face to face in Cody WY.  Meredith was attending Cody High Style and Style West with her well known line Thistles West.  Missy was on her first road trip with Silver Steer Boutique.  The ladies enjoyed dinners and conversations about fashion.  This lead to months of phone calls, an unbelievable friendship and soon a partnership that you all know as Couture Cowgirl.

Guess what, it is almost September and Couture Cowgirl has been invited to walk the runway in the prestigious Cody High Style fashion show!  Our fall designs are coming together in jewel tones with a little added splash of  color that will keep summer close all year around.   You will also be able to purchase Couture Cowgirl fashions in downtown Cody, WY in a storefront next door to the famous Irma Hotel.  (Meredith and Missy enjoyed an unbelievable prime rib dinner at the Irma last year!)

We hope that you all will purchase your plane tickets or jump in the truck for a road trip to see an amazing collection of western fashions, jewelry and home furnishings all in one place! The Cody High Style Fashion show will take place September 22 at the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum.  Style West begins September 23 and goes through the 25th!

We love this Couture Cowgirl ensemble and you will see it on the runway in September!  Everything else is a surprise and you will have to visit us in Cody to see the new designs unveiled!  (Or patiently wait for us to post pictures here on CC)

Check out all the exhibitors, including Couture Cowgirl,  in the Cody High Style Runway Show at http://www.bbhc.org/events/codyhighstyle/fasion/

Also make sure to visit Style West coordinated by Thea Marx!  Meredith will be there with her couture apparel line, Thistles West! http://stylewest.wordpress.com/

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…


Out On The Town In Style

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Couture Cowgirl is headed to Cody, WY for the Cody High Style Runway show! How does a Couture Cowgirl travel? In STYLE of course…

To add glam to your travel plans, Couture Cowgirl is releasing this fun 100% cotton, heavy weight blue jean, hand sewn bag! It has the Couture Cowgirl CC logo embroidered on the front in coordinating color to the leather straps. BETTER YET, this bag is big enough to carry your favorite pair of boots!

Don’t let your use for this bag end with travel…

Head to the grocery store and leave those plastic bags at the counter.

Use for your favorite books.

Crafts….endless uses here.

Beach Bag (paired with the Orange Couture Cowgirl dress that makes a fabulous cover-up)

and, and, and…. Let us know what you plan to use your Couture Cowgirl bag for!

” A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly! And with Style, of course…”



CC Gets a Little Funky!

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Couture Cowgirl added a little Funky to our STATE OF MIND design with an aqua zebra print burnout!  This is a VERY limited edition piece.  We will offer two of each size S through XL and when they are gone…they are GONE!  In a subliminal effect behind the STATE OF MIND frame is our defining words written by the talented Thea Marx of Contemporary Western Design.

“A Couture Cowgirl is the girl next door that can drive a tractor and still be stylin’. She’s the executive who dreams of wide open spaces. She’s the commuter that would rather be on a horse than the freeway. She loves fashion, she loves the ranch. She is the one who is all woman and can do a man’s job if she needs to. A Couture Cowgirl knows when to walk, when to trot and when to close the gate. She is the it girl, she fixes the fence on the way to town and still looks like a million bucks at dinner. “

The back shoulder is screen printed with the double CC logo and the last line of our definition!  “A Couture Cowgirl is You, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…”

Get a little funky and reserve yours today for $33.95!  Email the gals at Couture Cowgirl  info@couturecowgirl.com


Couture Cowgirl Has You Covered!

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This is an elegant piece that has versatility unmatched by any in its class!  Headed out on the town?  Wear this fun sundress with your favorite boots and pair with fun chunky jewels!  Headed to the beach?  Wear this as a cover up and you will turn heads!  How about to a classy dinner?  Wear as a skirt paired with a blouse and you are dressed to kill!

This sundress/skirt combo is hand dyed a beautiful coral.  Then embroidered with turquoise barbwire and a rowel with the CC logo at the hem.

Dressed to kill and ready to have a nice glass of Sangria by the beach!  Check out today’s recipe here at Couture Cowgirl!  HERE

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly! And with Style, of course…


As a Butterfly Flutters By…

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We are ecstatic to share the newest piece in the Couture Cowgirl line!  Do you remember when we asked you to vote for the color that you would like to see on a Couture Cowgirl piece?  You voted for Indigo, and it was a fabulous choice!  This figure flattering twisted front tee is hand dyed indigo, that was the easy part because you took care of that for us!  Now the decision of what to put on this piece…  Meredith and Missy spent a long time trying to decide on the perfect design and their love of butterflies solved the next piece in the puzzle!  The butterfly represents a peaceful side of the cowgirl.  How many of you enjoy a second to watch as a butterfly flutters by in the hay meadow or graces the heads of wheat?  The ladies behind CC find joy in these beautiful creatures and wanted to include them in the design!  Now for the last part…how to make it COUTURE COWGIRL?  Look closely at the detail in the butterfly wings and you will find hidden Couture Cowgirl C’s!  The embroidery detail is in ice violet and jade lime.

Love the look of the faded indigo and jade lime skirt, this hand dyed beauty is also going to be a new addition to the CC line!  It is graced with crystal accents for a little extra sparkle!

This shirt looks equally beautiful with a pair of your favorite jeans to add a little class to the daily wardrobe!  This is a favorite of the gals behind CC and we are sure it will be a favorite of yours!



Above we told you about the hidden Couture Cowgirl C’s in the design of the butterflies, we added a close up of the hip design and the shoulder design, lets see if you can find them!

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly! And with Style, of course…