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Well this CC Mama just sent her youngest off to pre-k today and it is best explained as a bittersweet experience…  It is a combination of pride watching your children grow up mixed in with a bit of empty nest syndrome.  I am sure I faired much better today than I will the day they go off to college :)  

Hope you all enjoy a few pictures of my babies.

Wesley’s first day of Pre-K

Rebecca’s first day of second grade.

If your a CC Mama be sure to share your stories and pics with us on our facebook page!

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Twitter Winner!

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We had so much fun reading the #CoutureCowgirl twitter entries!  After a random drawing we are happy to announce @CityMeetCountry as our twitter winner!

Make sure to follow Raquel on twitter and stop by and enjoy her blog Horses & Heel!  It is a fun mix of fashion and cooking. 

If you have missed us along the way or are new to twitter, follow Couture Cowgirl @CoutureCowgirls

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Twitter Contest

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We had a blast reading your entries in our most recent contest on facebook!  But… we can’t let our facebook friends have all the fun.  So here it is a contest for our Twitter friends!



  • Post on Twitter what makes you a Couture Cowgirl with the hashtag #CoutureCowgirl

  • Follow @CoutureCowgirls if you haven’t already!

  • We will randomly draw winners on Friday July 15, 2010

  • For every 10 entries we will give away one prize! 

So, bet you are wondering what you are entering to win!  We are giving away CC logo keychains!  So lets here it ladies, ~WHAT MAKES YOU A COUTURE COWGIRL?~

Find us on Twitter @CoutureCowgirls (Don’t forget the S at the end of Cowgirls!) 

Your a Couture Cowgirl, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…


I’m a Couture Cowgirl…

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We had a great time reading the post from our most recent contest about what makes you a ~COUTURE COWGIRL~ on facebook!  Just in case any of you are not on facebook we would love to share our winning entries with you!


Photo from Ms-Jenn Parrella with her cat Moonshine and her CC logo Top!

First Place-

Jeannie Kiehn

My daughter is a couture cowgirl! She just went on her senior trip and through her graduation ceremony with her cowboy boots on!!! The only one of 120 seniors to proudly wear cowboy boots under that graduation robe! And it was because her fellow school mates love her independence to be a “couture cowgirl”!!!

Second Place-

Ms-Jenn Parrella

I am couture cowgirl because i always ready to get down a dirty, I dont mind dressing up one day then jumping in the mud the next. I am happy girl who knows when you got your boots on no one thinks twice of crossing you. :)

Third Place

Whitney Johnson Jordan Zoeller

Hi Couture Cowgirl~
I’m a Couture Cowgirl because even though I can out-ride, out-shoot, and out-work the men when working cattle I can still clean up and be all girl.
Not many girls can say this, but who else other than a Couture Cowgirl can sport alfalfa in their hair and get away with it? I was all ready for prom when an after hour…s customer showed up and needed a truck load of hay and of course I was the only one around to do it so I changed back into my working clothes loaded up the ton of hay he needed, sent him on his way,picked out as much alfalfa as I could, got back in my dress and headed off to prom !!! Yeah I’m a Couture Cowgirl !!!!

Fourth Place


I am a couture cowgirl at heart. I live in Florida – near the beach, nowhere near a farm – and yet I know that being a couture cowgirl is more about WHO you are, not where you are ♥

Fifth Place

Karen Johnson

I am a Couture Cowgirl because I design my own style! Whether modifying my thrift store finds, or pairing a rock and roll look with my cowgirl boots, I have my own style… just ask my friends who always want to raid my closet! :)


Thanks again to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!  We are getting ready to kick off another contest so be sure to check back often!

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style of course…





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We are getting ready to host a FIVE shirt giveaway here at Couture Cowgirl!  The contest will be hosted on our Couture Cowgirl Facebook page



~Write 2-5 sentences on our facebook wall about what makes YOU a Couture Cowgirl.

~Have your friends LIKE your post.

~ Voting will end June 7th at 10:00 central time.

~The top 5 Couture Cowgirl’s will receive our CC LOGO white top!

We can’t wait to read what makes you a Couture Cowgirl!  Remember ladies its a “STATE OF MIND”

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…



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Life as we remember it is beginning to return to normal (well….that’s what we call it)  for Meredith, Missy and Sarah! Meredith spent months preparing for Design America and her days were spent piecing together her beautiful Couture pieces such as this Gaucho piece!

Then there is the breathtaking wedding dress.  Hand-dyed silk, deerskin, embroidery, and each Swarovski crystal placed to perfection. 

Missy was sure to take advantage of the opportunity to wear one of Meredith’s Couture Creations.  The dearskin jacket has been embroideried with original artwork by Meredith.  Missy wore it paired with our very own COUTURE COWGIRL handkerchief hem skirt!

You will continue to see new photos for months as we sort through them and share our experience with you.  Hope you enjoyed this taste of COUTURE!

A Couture Cowgirl it YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…


Design America Preview

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We wanted to share a few snapshots from our first night in Dallas!  Design America will be open today from 10-7 if any of you are in the Dallas area, we would love to meet you! 





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Design America-TEXAS

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Are you ready for a Premier Western Designer event?

Clear your calenders May 6-8 and head to Dallas, TX for Design America! 

The “Texas Teaser” to the left is just a glimpse of one of the many pieces that will be showcased by our very own founder, Meredith Lockhart!  Missy and Sarah will also be there modeling and helping out in her booth. Come and meet us!!

Meredith Lockhart has been a designer for many years creating one of a kind pieces for Country Music stars, Miss Rodeo America Contestants, and many individuals that have a desire for impeccable quality.  Be sure to check out her Design America Video HERE!

Friday Evening, May 6, is the ASTONISHMENT, Preview Gala.  If you are looking for an exclusive experience with a Premier Fashion show and time to meet the artist and shop before the show is opened to the public, this is the night for you!  Tickets for the Preview Gala are $100.

Saturday and Sunday the show opens to the public and you can get into the doors for $20.  Artist will be showcasing items that are museum quality!  The event will be held at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, Longhorn Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E .

Get all the information for the event, purchase tickets, and preview all the artist at http://www.designamerica-tx.com/




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This is our first release for Spring and Summer here at Couture Cowgirl! The colors are bright and vibrant and just make you feel good. The artwork is nothing short of spectacular and is hand drawn by our very own Meredith Lockhart. The back tattoo image adds a fun twist. Pair it with our Orange handkerchief hem skirt for a fun night out with the girls.  Couture Cowgirl’s love to ride (four legged and iron)…pictured is Couture Cowgirl, Missy’s, Cobalt Blue Iron Horse and Pigwolf’s Pig. 

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Shop this new arrival and our entire Couture Cowgirl line HERE

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…


No way this is good for me… ~CONTEST~

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For many of us we have seen the signs of spring and even summer temperatures! This is a wake up call for everyone that intended to get that beach body before swim suit season but just hasn’t gotten around to it…We may be pointing a finger at ourselves right now if that makes you feel better!

So here it is, lets help everyone with a few recipes that taste way too good to be good for you!

Contest Rules

  • Email us your “No way this good for me…” recipe to info@couturecowgirl.com with Cooking Contest in the subject line or post your recipe on our facebook page.
  • Meredith and Missy will cook the top finalist recipes and pick a winner (Couture Cowgirl reserves the right to choose which and how many of the recipes we cook and enter into the top finalist round)
  • The winner will receive a CC logo apron!

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style of course…


Rodeo Queens: Master Strategists and Tacticians

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Every day, we get up, get dressed and go about our day. What does how you dress say about you? Your personal sense of style tells a story. It can tell people you are trendy, classic, subdued, flamboyant, bold or timid. This is what is conveyed before you even meet someone, before you can show your personality with your actions and words. Understanding this and using it to convey what you want about your self is a large part of competing for rodeo queen titles. As a queen, you are always “on” and judges and spectators are looking at what you wear and making assessments. What kind of story do you want your queen wardrobe to tell?

To illustrate this, I would like to share my experience in 2008 at the National High School Rodeo Queen Competition. It was my second year reigning as the Minnesota High School Rodeo Queen, and after my first year at Nationals, I understood the importance of telling a story with my wardrobe. My first year I had no rhyme or reason to what I wore: royal blue, buttercream, black (a big no-no at the high school level!), sky blue and violet just to name a few of my outfit colors. I placed 16th and was passionate about doing better so I talked with past judges, past national queens, and Meredith Lockhart of Merezia to ensure I would be prepared for “Round 2” in 2008. From all of the knowledge ladies I talked to, I learned the importance of telling a story with your outfits. 

Judges use what you wear to remember who you are. Think back to the first time you met someone: they wore glasses, had long curly hair, and were dressed for chores. The next time you see them, you don’t recognize them: they have no glasses, have shorter straight hair and are dressed to impress. They changed every aspect you used to store them away in your memory. Changing your look drastically is the worst thing you can do when you want to stand out and have judges remember you. Keeping your hair, make-up, and wardrobe congruent throughout a contest is vital to being remembered. Don’t make the judges work to remember you, make it easy for them to identify you and understand who you are and what you want to represent.

 I wanted to convey that I was bold, elegant and mature with my wardrobe at the National High School Rodeo Queen Contest. I wanted the judges to see my personality and convey that I would be a capable queen. I told this story with three leather outfits, presented in a very strategic order with cotton blouse outfits interspersed.

The first time the judges would see me was during the Introductions and Impromptu speech. I wanted to catch their eye and set the stage for the rest of my story. I wore a Magenta lambskin top with dyed-to-match jeans and boots. The top’s detailing covered the front and back so when walking to and from the microphone I would be flashy. This outfit was designed to look bold, sophisticated and to get the judges to look at the queen from a state that was under their radar. It worked.

The next events with the judges were the Personal Interview, and the Judges’ Social followed by the Speeches and Modeling that evening.  For the Personal Interview, I wore an Icy Turquoise leather top with matching jeans and boots. As I was within 10 feet of the judges, this outfit was less flashy than the Magenta outfit, but had similar swirling designs in the Swarovski crystals and hand painting.  This outfit was designed to convey elegance, quiet confidence and maturity to show another side of me now that the Magenta outfit caught the judges’ attention. Though the colors of the outfits are vastly different, the necklines were similar and the detailing was very similar which allowed it to follow the story I was laying out for the judges.

 After my interview, I prepared for the judges’ social, introducing the next piece in my “fashion line-up”. I wore a vintage Roper button down cotton blouse with periwinkle embroidery and a few strategically placed Swarovski Crystals. This shirt continued the theme of elegance with gently swirling embroidery and soft colors and showed my more casual, traditional western side.

That night, for the Speeches and Modeling, I again broke out a bold, eye-catching outfit. A deep teal skirt and top, with silver, swirling hand painting and Swarovski Crystals carried on the story: swirling patterns, elegance, and bold maturity. The bold color and designs related this outfit back to my impromptu outfit and the color stayed with the blues I had been wearing all day. I was presenting a well-planned story to the judges much like a fashion designer does with a collection to show cohesion. 

That year, I placed 2nd in the National high School Rodeo Queen contest. I believe much of my success was because of telling a story with my wardrobe. Of course, a wardrobe will not win you a contest, but by telling a story with your outfits, you make people sit up and pay attention to what you are saying, which can win you the contest.  Best of luck sharing your story, in queen contests and in life!


-Kya Laulainen


Spring Fever

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Does Spring Fever have you ready to pack up and go? Road trips, shows, parks, and picnics are calling our names! We have one unique stylish piece to offer that will be a great addition to any place Spring Fever takes you!

We released our handmade jean bag with leather straps and CC logo embroidery last fall at the Cody High Style Show. Now we are releasing this piece to the public! Big enough to carry your favorite pair of boots! (Bag dimensions are 19.5 wide and 10 high plus 4″ bottom gusset.) 

Get yours today at CC shopping!  Be sure to head over to Facebook and Twitter and tell us where Spring Fever is taking YOU!

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly!  And with Style, of course…


The Evolution Of Levis And The Mini Skirt

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March is Womens History Month

By: Shirley Morris

I landed my first ‘real’ job in 1966 as a senior in high school. I needed clothes and a surfboard desperately and the only way I would obtain these perceived treasures was to become employed and earn enough money to buy them.

It was a Mod Go-Go kind-of Christmas in 1966

My friend, Peggy called one evening and in her usual excited bubbly, smiling voice told me she had discovered a job posting in our local newspaper. At that time if you wanted a job you would look in the Daily Breeze under the correct heading, “Help Wanted Female”. Many times the jobs would be the same as they were when posted under the heading, “Help Wanted Male” but the requirements and compensation for employment were not the same. Wardrobe requirements usually were white shirts and ties for men, while women (girls) were expected to wear skirts and dresses.

Now, anyone with a modicum of fashion sense would not be caught dead without the accompanying accoutrements consisting of the correct shoes(heels), jewelry, make up and pocket book. Monetary compensation separating the two headings for men and women (girls) would usually add up to more than $100.00 per month and that was a lot of dough in the mid sixties.

As bubbly, shinny faced high school girls, we never questioned the practicality of the wardrobe requirements or the inequity of the wage differences – We were gratefully ecstatic to apply for and get jobs as photo inspectors at the new Polaroid facility in El Segundo. I mean $4.25 per hour was almost twice what you would earn as a candy girl at the Fox Theatre. It was great fun, three good friends working together…. Peggy and I as photo inspectors and Jim, who hired on as a developer trainee at $4.75 per hour. This job was posted only under the heading, “Help Wanted Male”.

Four hours of fun and aching feet! The heels, little one inch pumps,  would start their torcherous assault about 45 minutes into our shift  standing on a concrete floor. Jim wore sneakers or loafers and told us  to quit bellyachin’! I must say, we bucked up pretty good.A few short years later we became part of, lived through, embraced,  repelled, celebrated, survived, Womens Liberation. As with anything  that swings a pendulum either to it’s most easternly or westernly  point, there was good and bad. To this day, for the life of me, I do  not understand why any woman would want to burn her bra.

For the life of me, I cannot understand any reasoning behind paying a  woman less than a man for the same job. Nothing, other than they could  get away with it. So, Womens Lib in all its radical glory was a good  thing for the most part, but it certainly was not a new thing. Still, I did not own a pair of Levi’s until I was twenty two years old.

Evelyn Cameron

Back in the late 1800′s, Evelyn Cameron was accustomed to living a luxurious life and born to a wealthy British family. She would marry a Montana naturalist and move to eastern Montana where she would become the first female frontier photographer. Over the next thirty years, Evelyn chronicled western history and the lives of it’s inhabitants by taking thousands of photographs. At the same time, she took care of most of the chores and duties necessary of one living on an early western ranch.

It was forbidden and unlawful for women to dress in a lude and unfeminine way. This meant Evelyn and her female friends were bound by law to wear long skirts and dresses with petticoats, women were not permitted to wear pants, boots, overalls…. all proper and practical for ranching men but unlawful for women to wear.

 Mrs. Wilder, winner 1910 Relay, Pendleton Round-Up

Evelyn witnessed her best friend and neighbor get her long, flowing skirt caught up in her saddle. Unable to free herself, the horse trampled and killed her. Evelyn vowed never to wear “unsuitable” clothing again and designed a costume that consisted of a split skirt. She said, “Although my costume was so full as to look like an ordinary walking dress when the wearer was on foot, it created a small sensation. So great at first was the prejudice against any divided garment in Montana that a warning was given me to abstain from riding on the streets of Miles City lest I might be arrested!

Mamie Stroud, Champion Trick Rider

Later, those full-looking costumes would find their way into the rodeo arena, evolved into a safer-but-uglier-than-dirt practical trick riding costume known as bloomers. Even in the rodeo arena, competing sometimes against their cowboy counterparts, cowgirls were expected to look and act like the ladies of their time. Quite a trick when you are trying to stay stuck like glue to the hurricane deck of a twisting, sunfishing bronc.

Champion Cowgirl, Vera McGinnis nealy suffered the same fate as Evelyn Cameron’s friend when the corset beneath her skirt became tangled on the saddle horn of her bronc. Vera was so angry she removed the corset while still in the arena and flung it over her shoulder vowing never again would she wear such a monstrocity!

Cowgirls of Irwin Bros. Wild West sporting pants and woolies

Vera is credited with wearing the first pants specifically designed for women while performing in rodeo events. Her idea came from a pair of mens pants with the zipper in front. She thought that was too masculine, removed the zipper and placed it to the side for a more feminine look. Soon, all the women performers and competitors were wearing feminine pants with the zipper to the side, thanks to Vera.

It was necessary for women to embrace and accentuate their femininity, especially when competing and performing rodeo stunts. Newspaper editorials screamed the need for men to “reign in their women” They continued warning “Men, your women will become muscle bound if we allow them to participate in masculine sport.”

Dolly Eskew as the Prairie Rose

For rodeo and wild west show promoters like C. B. Irwin, it was necessary to portray cowgirls as feminine and beautiful. We embraced the beauty of Mabel Strickland and fooled the crowds with ringers for the great cowgirl Prairie Rose Henderson. Henderson, a gifted athlete could ride broncs slick and with the best of them but unfortunately for her, she did not possess the physical feminine attributes needed to showcase her skills. Irwin, the master showman had the idea to allow her to ride but when the time came to introduce her to the press, he used more feminine characters – ringers who would appease the public need for a more feminine cowgirl.

Dolly Eskew appeared as one of the feminine Prairie Roses and designed elaborate costumes of Maribou feathers, mink, sequins, beautiful velvet piping and told the crowds and press, “Riding a bronc is good for your health and keeps one in good physical condition.”

A Cowgirl is a Cowgirl, is a Cowgirl…

Mabel Strickland, Texas Guinan, Dorothy Page, Marlena Dietrich all went on to glorify the cowgirl of the west in western movies. Oddly, the entire country became more comfortable with the needed changes in clothing due mainly because of the physical nature of the job, when it was portrayed by a feminine beauty on the big screen.

Thank you, girls! I will be forever grateful not to a wear corseted, long, heavy skirt the next time I decide to climb aboard a snortin’, twistin’, reach for the stars, sunfishin’ bronc.

A feminine woman is immensely powerful.  I have never believed we  would find our place or fulfill our worth emulating cowboys or any  other man. The differences between yin and yang, even in the saddle  are blatent. Maybe, if we can recall our history and the women who  walked before us, it won’t be necessary to take the proverbial two  steps back and one step forward when the subject of femininity and  equal rights raises it’s twisted little head again. Just ask Mabel  Strickland, Bonnie McCarroll, Prairie Rose, Bertha Blancett as well as  a host of hundreds of unnamed ranch women and female homesteaders. As  Bertha said, “I always behaved as a lady and the men always treated me  as such.” Few question that Bertha Blancett could ride broncs with the  cowboy’s best. Prairie Rose could design and sew a costume as well as  ride a bronc, and stately mannered Mabel Strickland could rope and tie  a steer better than most of her cowboy counterparts. So well that one  cowboy asked Mabel’s husband, Hugh to keep her away from the cowboy competitions because she made them look bad!

Maybe, if we can recall our history and the women who walked before us, it won’t be necessary to take the proverbial two steps back and one step forward when the subject of femininity and equal rights raises it’s gnarly little head again. Maybe this time we will revel in our femininity, wear Levi’s to work, a sequined gown to dinner and satin to bed and smash the archaic remnants of that glass ceiling in one last, swift blow, knowing it is our very feminine right to do so.


Thank You Shirley for this guest post!  Be sure to visit and follow Shirley at http://thelonecowgirl.blogspot.com/


Boho Meets Cowgirl

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Last fall in September, at the Cody High Style Fashion Show, we introduced our new hand dyed skirts,  handkerchief hem skirts and dress.

For spring, it seems that the Boho or Bohemian Look is quite popular in mainstream fashion and was on the runways last fall for Spring 2011. You see skirts and dresses with all sorts of ragged edges, zigzag hems and strong colors. This VOGUE video ~The New Bohemians~  gives you a great sense of the look!

Boho originated from the Gypsy style that was best known for it’s mixture of prints and bright colors. The style is described as flowy, flirty, romantic, free-spirited, rocker chic, theatrical, artsy and just fun to wear! The skirts can be paired up with your favorite t-shirt, vest, wild belt and jewelry. Lets not forget a favorite pair of cowboy boots or western flip-flops to add a western touch to the look! This look is a personal favorite of ours!

Our tattoo style butterfly tee fits right into the Boho look with our Capri Blue Handkerchief Hem skirt…check out this look and our other Spring/Summer items that possess the fun, flirty, flowy Bohemian feel that we are all falling in love with!

CC Bohemian Style

CC Bohemian Style by Couture Cowgirl featuring couture skirts

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly! And with Style, of course….


Puppy Poll Update

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I would like to start by thanking all of you for your votes and suggestions! When we reviewed the poll results Beagle took the lead in individual breeds, also rescue a pet or mixed breed seemed to be very popular……so this sweet little girl is the best of all the above. She is a beagle mix. 17 days old and we will get pics along the way until she is old enough to come live with Becca. Becca has already named her DAISY! Here is a peek of the cute little girl!











A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly! And with Style, of course…


Mardi Gras

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I was in Louisiana this past week for a good friends wedding, and didn’t even realize I was flying into New Orleans on the first weekend of Mardi Gras….guess how I found out…… that car rental to Lafayette cost triple the normal rate! Yes, New Orleans was preparing for the rush of people that come to celebrate in a long known tradition in Louisiana. So I asked myself, what do I think of when I think of Mardi Gras? Beads, Parades, Masquerades, Parties…..but did I really know where the tradition originated? NO! So that is the inspiration behind this post and we hope that you all enjoy this as much as we did.

First what are the colors of Mardi Gras and what are their meanings?

Purple-Justice, Green-Faith, Gold-Power

Everywhere I went while in Louisiana this past week was decorated elaborately with these colors! It looked like a purple, green and gold Christmas! I knew about the parades etc, but had no idea that individuals spent so much time decorating their doorways, homes and yards for the event.

Who knows where the first version of Mardi Gras originated?

The celebration we all know about today can trace its history to ancient Rome, where the early Christian church adopted some of the traditions of pagan, pre-Christian, society and mixed them with rituals that had been developed to celebrate Easter. The result was Mardi Gras, which means “Fat Tuesday,” a reference to the custom of partaking in extra food and drink prior to the observance of Lent, a 40-day period of fasting and abstinence that commences with Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras came to America in 1699 with the French explorer Iberville.

Under French rule in the late 1700′s, pre-Lenten masked balls and festivals were common in New Orleans. However, the festivals were banned when New Orleans came under Spanish rule. In Twenty years after New Orleans became under US law the ban was lifted in 1823 when the Creole populace convinced the governor to permit masked balls. In 1827 street masking was again legalized.

The first documented parade was in 1837, however I am sure that it was many years before it took on the elaborate form that we all know today!

While I have always wanted to attend “THE GREATEST FREE SHOW ON EARTH” I never realized all the history and am more interested than ever! So grab your mask and purple, green, and gold and jump on the first plane to New Orleans!

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly! And with Style, of course…


Puppy Hunt

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Missy’s little girl, Becca, is on a puppy hunt! Help us decide what breed we should get. Looking for a loving pet that will play with the kiddos and live MOST of the time outdoors. A puppy that DOES NOT have interest in cattle will keep it from getting in too much trouble around the farm. We are leaning towards a beagle, but would love to hear your suggestions of what you would recommend! Anyone in Oklahoma that may have the puppy we are looking for, please send us the breed and contact information for that too!



Spring into Fashion

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Many of us have just endured a few very COLD days this February, looking something like this…

While we enjoy the beauty of an occasional pretty snow it has left many of us with a craving for the warm sunshine spring has to offer.  As we peek into Spring, we want to know WHAT your picks for spring fashion will be.   Check out the below PANTONE Spring 2011 Fashion Colors and weigh in your vote!

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly! And with Style, of course…


Rockin into Year Two

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Wow what year it has been! Couture Cowgirl was founded just over a year ago by Meredith Lockhart. Missy Unruh joined her in a mission to create a casually sophisticated apparel line. The Partnership has became an LLC and is officially a registered Trademark. The CC fashion line rocked the Cody High Style Runway show. The apparel line has been sent to Couture Cowgirls living the CC STATE OF MIND all over North America!

Our plans are to continue bringing you fun fashion posts about our new items and fashion trends. We will also have some guest writers bringing us their views, and, of course……. we can’t forget recipes and the occasional contest!

We couldn’t be more excited about the reception of the line and your support in making everything a reality! We wanted the Couture Cowgirl website to be a place that makes you feel happy with vibrant colors and a touch of our Cowgirl roots found in pairing it with the sepia tones. Whether your style is boots and jeans or boots and skirts we have what you need to proclaim your STATE OF MIND…Just to revisit do you all know what that STATE OF MIND is that we are talking about?

Thea Marx of Contemporary Western Design, touched on every aspect when she wrote this and you will find it featured on some of our designs.

A Couture Cowgirl is the girl next door that can drive a tractor, fix a five course meal, watch a baby and still be stylin’.

She’s the executive who dreams of wide open spaces.

She’s the commuter that would rather be on a horse than the freeway.

She loves fashion, she loves the ranch.

She is the one who is all woman and can do a man’s job if she needs to.

A Couture Cowgirl knows when to walk, when to trot and when to close the gate.

She is the it girl, she fixes the fence on the way to town and still looks like a million bucks at dinner.

A Couture Cowgirl is you, Proclaim it Proudly! And with Style, of course..

Another aspect of Couture Cowgirl we are very proud of is our models. These girls are family and close friends to Meredith and Missy. They are both the REAL DEAL Cowgirl and we are lucky to have them. We would like to give you a brief peek into the daily lifestyles these young ladies lead.

Carla Lockhart is the daughter-in law of Meredith Lockhart. She just became a Lockhart Jan 15 when she married Meredith’s son Nick. Carla spends her days working for Cargill in north east Kansas, but, in her off time, she spends it helping with chores at Lockhart Farms, working with her horses and playing with her two dogs. She also enjoys flower arranging and the occasional jewelry making that she is very good at!


Sarah is Missy’s niece but most of you know her as partner and jewelry designer for Silver Steer Designs. When not working on the beautiful works of art you will find her spending her days in western Oklahoma working and checking cattle. She is a pretty good shot with the dart gun too, so wouldn’t let an ear hang low or she will shoot you with a dose of get to feeling better! She loves working in the wide open spaces with her soon to be husband this July. Any free chance is spent with her horses and two australian shepards, Oakley and Dally.


We are very excited to have these two girls that represent the Cowgirl Way of life!

Again thank you for a wonderful year, we look forward to connecting with you for many more. Hope you all enjoy the sites new look. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

A Couture Cowgirl is YOU, Proclaim it Proudly! And with Style, of course…