Miss NFPB Contestant Suzy Fife

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I am Couture Cowgirl because I love horses, mud, pink and bling. Between riding horses through mud filled trail rides, washing muck covered bovine, and tearing my 4-wheeler or truck through big sludgy mud puddles, it’s hard to keep my pink overalls clean.

When I wake up in the morning and take a deep fresh breath of southern Iowa air. I prepare myself with my daybreak coffee and by coating on the mascara and fluffing my hair. I slide in to my Cruel Girl jeans and rock a fun Cowgirl Up shirt paired with my sparkly muck boots and its out to door to tackle my world of equine, “moo-moo’s” and trucks. At my school, Southwestern Iowa Community College, we wash, wax and
buff out cattle. We have club calf sales and deal with all the ups and downs of calving season. I also take what I learn at school to the work place. I am a hired hand at a local cattle investor. There, I spend my time pressure washing golf ball size winterized clumps of mud off the underbellies of cattle. This is a back breaking task but the pain is eased by a country radio station and me serenading the cattle. I believe they enjoy their time with me (at the cattle version of a beauty parlor).But my day doesn’t end there.

When I return to my humble abode, I am greeted by my ecstatic dogs and my content horses, grazing in a bountiful field. After a good wrestle with my black lab, I head in side to greet my Pomeranian puppy, who loves to shower me with her puppy kisses. I slip in to my boots and spurs and head out for a nice, soothing ride, by my self or with some good ol’ friends for a good trail ride and to catch up on the latest horse and human gossip. Come night fall or exhaustion, and all the chores are done, I get to step out of my cowgirl boots and in to my cowgirl boot slippers, eat a hardy meal, catch up on homework (or rodeo queen homework) and snuggle up with my dogs for a pleasant night of blissful slumber.

Suzy Fife
Miss NFPB Contestant