Couture Cowgirl

Meredith Lockhart, founder of Thistles West and Merezia, two Couture Fashion Design companies had a dream to start a sophisticated casual line.  Couture Cowgirl was the perfect label to create this dream under! 

At Style West in 2009 the paths of Meredith Lockhart and Missy Unruh, founder of Silver Steer Boutique, crossed.  These two ladies were behind very different companies, yet shared a very similar common interest.  A friendship was born that led to many phone conversations about life on the farm, family, and of course work.  As the ladies discussed Couture Cowgirl, they realized it was so much more than a brand, it was a STATE OF MIND!  The state of mind was so empowering, Meredith invited Missy to join her in the venture. 

The Couture Cowgirl website will be a meeting place for all Cowgirls that live by the Couture Cowgirl State of Mind!  A place where you can share your stories and read others stories, a place to explore Couture fashion, shop Couture Cowgirl, find events.

Remember a COUTURE COWGIRL IS YOU!  Proclaim  it Proudly and with style, of course…

Meredith’s Story

I grew up in a family where my mother was a professional musician(and still is at 89) and artist, my father was a jeweler and my brother is a computer engineer. My love for horses and things western started when I was 14 and my parents let me have my first horses. We lived in town, so I had to board them at a stable. Since then I have always had horses and showed horses. I married a farmer/stockman so the western image has stuck with me most of my life. Our son also follows the western way of life as he helps with the farming and has cattle and horses too and his lovely fiancé is also a cowgirl. (more…)

Missy’s Story

I grew up in Western Oklahoma where I spent evenings and summers working and checking cattle. And much to my dismay a lot of time in the tractor. If you are looking for a grain cart driver, I am your gal! (more…)